Constance St-Denis-Veilleux

UDA: S-155722
ACTRA: 06-05873
On Screen Age:  14-15
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language(s): Quebec french
Height: 160 cm /5 feet 3 inches
Eyes: Pers
Hair: Blond
Bio: Constance begins in the industry at 4 years old, at 7 years old she declares that she will be an actress all her life and at 13 years old, more motivated than ever, she continues her studies in Performing Art. The same year she was admitted as the youngest member of the improvisation team or she was often named star of the game. Particularly gifted on stage, she already directs all her schooling to integrate a large theatre school.
Skills: Elite Impro team A - Sportive

FR 2022 - Publicité Centre des Sciences

FR 2022 - Narration

FR 2022 - Publicité Band-Aid

FR 2022 - Publicité IKÉA

CV Voice


2024 Kaboul-Montréal, featur film by Bachir Bensaddek, Actor, Lilou

2022 L'Ouragan, feature film by Ara Ball, Actor: marie-Hélène

2019 Malgré Nous, Short film by Juliette Balthazard, Lead: Guylaine

2018 Avant que tu partes, Short film by Juliette Poitras, Lead:Lilo


2018 Jenny,tv series by Jean-Sébastien Lord, young Jenny

Motion Capture

2018 The Division 2


2023 Competitive improvisation league (Star of the Game)

2021 Advanced acting workshop with Karl Poirier-Peterson


2021 lactancia VO

2018-2023 Pull Ups VO

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