Léo Mai

Melany Bernier 2024
UDA: 177417
On Screen Age:  10-12
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language(s): Quebec french, American english
Height: 140 cm /4 feet 7 inches
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bio: Leo began his career in dubbing, he is in studio every week and gets soon after a recurring lead role in a daily series. Between 2 shooting days he finds time to audition for another recurring role that he also gets!
Skills: Rythmo band

FR 2022 - Publicité Subaru

FR 2022 - Annonce Jeunesse J'écoute

FR 2022 - Livre audio La Pérhistoire

FR 2022 - Publicité Sports Experts

FR 2022 - Publicité Rétro Montréal

CV Voice


2023 Nomination  NOVA Star Awards best actor in a commercial Walmart

2023 Nomination  NOVA Star Awards best voice actor Le Lait

2023 Nomination NOVA Star Awards best actor l'Enfant que je n'ai pas


2023 In Memoriam tv series, Recurring lead

2023 Drazilion,tv series by Thomas Soto, Fabio, Principal recurring


2022 Intensive acting workshop with Myriam Guimond and Felixe Ross (FR)

2022-2023 Private coaching with Anik Lefebvre


2024 Hidden Assets (FR) series / Difuze (François Trudel)


2023 Hunger Games (FR) Doublage long-métrage (Young Coriolanus) / Cinélume (Michèle Lituac)

2023 OS (FR) Feature film(Young Foster) / Difuze (Lisette Dufour / Philippe Martin)

2023 Subdivision (FR) trailer (MA) / Difuze (Sophie Deschaumes)

2023 Caillou (FR) animated series (Léo) / Difuze (Marc-André Bélanger)

2023 Acting Good (FR) Difuze (Valérie Bocher)

2022 BUICK

2022 Good Omens  - series (Young Warlock) / Cinélume (Natalie Hamel Roy)

2022 Son of a critch - series / Difuze

2022 MILLIE - feature film/ Cinélume (Hélène Mondoux)

2022 Halloween (FR) - feature film (Jérémie) / Difuze (Michèle Lituac)

Voice Over

2023 Kids Baking -  reality show (Davis) / MELS (Manon Arsenault)


2024 Blackspot (FR) - feature film /Difuze (Geneviève Désilets)

2022-2023 Peter Pan et Wendy - feature film

2022 Animal Kingdom -  series / Cinélume (Sébastien Reding)

2022 Corduroy  Difuze (Catherine Bonneau)


2024 Prime Video (FR)

2022 Le Lait Automne (FR) - VO  (Laurent Junior) / LG2

2021 FruitSnack (VHC) principal


2022  INIS / UDA – Dubbing workshop (15 h) – Élise Bertrand and Benoit Éthier (FR)

2022 Private voice coaching with Camille Desgagnés

2021-2022 Diction with Maryse Gagné (FR)


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