Lilou Roy-Lanouette

Marie-PIer Desjardins 2023
UDA: 164731
ACTRA: AM-33697
On Screen Age:  12-13
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasien
Language(s): Quebec french, American english
Height: 145 cm /4 feet 9 inches
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Blond
Bio: Lilou is a young actress who gets her first lead role in a feature film from her very first audition at just 7 years old. She went on to take the lead roles on both the big screen and the small screen, in both French and English, and received numerous nominations, including the Revelation of the Year at the IRIS Award at only 9 years old.
Skills: Volleyball, soccer U14 and futsal
CV Voice


2024  Young Artist Awards nomination as best principal role in a feature film for Stamped

2022 jury honorable mention for its performance at the Whisler Film Festival (Rodeo)

2021 Holiday365 International Film Festival Winner "Best Actress Short Film" (Les grandes claques)

2020 IRIS nominee for the Breakthrough Artist of the year (Jouliks)

2020-2022 Several nominations at the Young Artist Award and Skyline Performer Awardas best performance/actress


2023 Ababouiné, feature film by André Forcier, Lead, Charlotte

2021 RODÉO (FR), feature film by Joëlle Desjardins-Paquette, principal, Lily

2021 To catch a killer(EN), feature film by Damian Szifron, Lead Haley

2020 Les grandes claques (FR), short film by Annie St-Pierre, principal, Julie

2019 Cercueil, Tabarnak! (FR) short film by Loïc Darses , Lead, Lucie

2018 Jouliks (FR), feature film by Mariloup Wolfe, principal, Yanna


2023 Bonsoir Bonsoir, guest

2022 Alert, Jamie Foxx  tv series (EN), actor

2020 L’oeil du cyclone (FR), recurring principal, Emma

2019 Transplant (EN), Lead Layla

2019 ByeBye, actor

2019 Le goût des autres, guest

Web and New Media

2020 L’oeil du cyclone (FR), principal recurring, Emma

2020 À Ma Manière, videoclip by Roxane Bruneau,  principal


Audio Books / Podcasts

2022 Là où je me terre, audio book, Cathou

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

2021 Cercueil, Tabarnak! Lucie, principal

2019 Jouliks Yanna, principal


Highschool Elite Art program


2021 Private diction lessons with Maryse Gagné (FR)

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