Maëlle Piché

Annie Garofano été 2023
UDA: S-163752
On Screen Age:  12-14
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language(s): Quebec French, English (slight accent)
Height: 156 cm /5 feet 1.4 inches
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Bio: At the age of 7, as soon as she entered the artistic world, she became an UDA stagiaire. Soon after she's chosen to be the voice for an environmental advertisement, but it is during her experience on the sets of the series «Alert» by Jamie Foxx and during the shooting of the movie «Le temps d'un été» that she will have a real crush for this profession. Named to the Lauriers evenings of her college, Maëlle excels in several areas of her life!
Skills: Singing
CV Voice


2022 Ofranda, actor

2022 Le temps d'un été, Alicia, actor


2022 Alert, tv series by Jamie Foxx,  Chloe's photodouble

2018 Le p’tit cabaret, variety (solo, ruban, interview)

2017 Proprio en otage, actor


2023-2024  Private workshop with Anik Lefebvre (4 weeks)

2023 Ateliers Cinévision

2023 Intensive acting workshop with Myriam Guimond,Andrée Giraldeau and Laurie Babin.

2023 Private coaching and diction with Camille Desgagné

2020-2022 Acting workshop with karl Patterson

2021 Musical with Émilie Josset and Connie Rotella


Series Dubbing

2021 Scoot and the Gumboot kids Gumboot girl (FR)

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