Rosalie Turmel

Melany Bernier 2023
UDA: 166085
ACTRA: 05-01520
On Screen Age:  16-19
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language(s): Quebec french, International french, American english
Height: 160 cm /5 feet 3 inches
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Bio: Perfectly bilingual, Rosalie is a passionate actress, dubber and voice. At the age of 10, Rosalie first appeared on screen in From Sarajevo and Ruptures. Then, she landed a first role in the children’s television series Game Savers shot simultaneously in English and French. She is now and for the next two years filming a recurring role on the brand new youth series Cirkus. She lends her voice to various characters in television series, museums, commercials and feature films. Thanks to her talents, Rosalie won the best videogame voice actress from Syllabes Academy. She dubs original productions such as Sleeping Dog, La Madre, Jusqu’au Déclin and Tempête. Passionate about cinema and determined to follow her dream, Rosalie is studying Drama in Ottawa.
Skills: Competitive dance, artistic gymnastics

FR 2022 - Les gardiens du jeu

EN 2023 - Videogame Showcase

EN 2022 - Game Savers

CV Voice


2023 WINNER Syllabes academy best video games voice actress

2022 WINNER Joey award (Vancouver) best performer in a commercial (Hitachi)

2021 Skyline Performer Awards nominee best voice actress (Ollie and Moon)

2021 Young Artist Award nominee best voice actress (Ollie and Moon)

2018 best ensemble acting award for “From Sarajevo”


2021 Si ce n’était que çashort film by Dominik McNicoll, Lead, Daphnée

2017 For Ruthie, short film by Susan Freed,  Principal, Ruthie

2017 From Sarajevo, short film by Kristen McNaule,  Aida


2024 Sorcières, Maude, recurring actor

2023-2024 Cirkus Tess, Principal recurring

2020-2021 The game savers/Lesgardiens du jeu, Principal recurring (FR et EN), Stella

2018 Ruptures, actor


2023 New York Film Academy, Acting for Film : Film & TV Auditions

2023 Private coaching with Mélanie Pilon

2020 Improvisation, Créations InVitro

2019 on going:  Private coaching with Dominik McNicoll

2019-2020 Acting workshop with MCNicoll acting school

2017 Kids acting for film and television, Smyth casting

2017 Acting for Cinema and Television, A.C.T. 

2017 On Camera intensive kids, Mike Migliara

2016 Acting Skills, The Ottawa children theatre


2023 La Madre (EN)- Netflix movie dubbing (Kika) / Difuze (Katherine Lauzon)

2023 Sleeping dogs (EN)- Netflix series dubbing (Tinka) / Difuze (Mark Camacho)

2023 Tempête (EN) - feature film dubbing (Madeleine) / La Belle Équipe

2019 The Decline (EN) - feature film dubbing (Daphnée)/ Difuze

2019 Ti-Doc (EN) - animated series dubbing (Lil' Doc, principal)

2019 Ollie and Moon (EN) - animated series dubbing (Moon, principal) / La Belle équipe

2018 Babyatrice (EN) - animated series dubbing (Babyatrice, principal) /pilot project

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

2022 Games Savers (EN) / Les gardiens du jeu (FR) ADR, Stella principal


2020-2022 Little Bites (EN) message 1message 2

2019 Centre des sciences

2019 MEES (radio), friend

2019 Montréal Je t’aime, principal

2018 RBC (Radio) Principal


2019 Ti-Doc (EN) - application et livres audio (Lil' Doc)

2018 MITA - application pour enfants autistes, voix Canada-français


2021 Professional ACTRA Voice Workshop (EN)

2019 Cours de diction privé en français québécois et international avec Dominik MCNicoll.

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